About Us

About Us

We work hard to bring you inspiration to your brand.

We have  developed our  distinctive style of working which involves forward thinking solutions for our customers.

We are considered, creative and bold in everything that we do and we are focused on achieving results.

We listen and find out what our clients want to achieve, casting a fresh but critical pair of eyes over each project and bringing our experience and enthusiasm to every job. Our bespoke solutions are tailored around your requirements and needs.

Integrated marketing

It's not realistic to expect success using only one form of communication. That’s why we use our strategic marketing brains to create a plan, bringing together the right communications methods to achieve the best results for each brand.

What we do.

• Strategic marketing
• Brand development
• Campaign management
• eLearning - creation and development
• Event Management - corporate and promotional
• Graphic Design
• Marketing literature and promotional materials
• Franchise Services

Who we work with

We build strong and lasting relationships with our clients and have many years experience working with a wide range of brands.

It's tricky to sum up 'who' we typically work with as our projects are often varied. We're able to adapt our skills and have enjoyed working on projects with SMEs, large scale public sector organisations, big brands and corporate clients - all have different needs, budgets and require different types of support.

Our work stretches across a range of sectors. We are flexible enough to adapt our skills and knowledge to work within sports, broadcast media, housing, leisure and hospitality, health, education, digital and manufacturing sectors - to name a few.

Liquid Lime offers you fresh solutions and delivers your vision. Contact Us Now